About Connie Cassell Tuck

73282_168251686533841_954001_nConnie Cassell Tuck resides in Southern Appalachian  Mountains  of West Virginia . She is from a very small place called SANDLICK HOLLOW.   She is a small town country girl who has traveled different states pursuing her SONGWRITING. She has lived in North Carolina and South Carolina. She has been to Nashville multiple times having her songs recorded. She has worked with many talented artist and musicians in Nashville as well as North Carolina. Connie comes from a family that has always made music the love of there life. She has uncles and cousins that led many bands around her home town.

Songwriting is a deep passion for her. Connie writes songs to help encourage and give someone hope. Her song:  DON’T GIVE UP  is a powerful heart felt song with words of sincere love and caring for others going through a bad time. Connie wrote this song for her brother Kenny  Wayne that passed away from ALS. As matter of fact here is her dedication to her brother with the song: I wrote this song dedicated to my brother Kenny Wayne .  He passed away from ALS August 2014. He was a fighter and I NEVER wanted him to give up. I won songwriter of the month for this song. Kenny that contest was for YOU !!!  We did it.  Love you brother!!! 👍

Her song won Songwriter of the month in October this year at cmn.nashville. She has been nominated for FEMALE SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR: by THE 2016 JOSIE MUSIC AWARDS to be held in Nashville on September 18th.

Connie has three new artist she is working with on many new songs. She is also working with a local group called LOVE STRUCK in promoting her songs. Connie is writing many songs with different genres. She wants to explore many different genres and write for all fans who like Blues, Jazz,Southern Rock ,country and more.

Connie’s Songs are at number one in her hometown right now on the Christian Gospel charts.           Connie has Facebook pages. Her music page is:  SONGS BY CONNIE.

In talking with Connie she is very humble when sharing her music career. She gives ALL THE CREDIT TO GOD WHO SHE SAYS GIVES HER THE WORDS . TAKES HER HAND AND LEADS HER ALL THE WAY!!!  Connie is grateful and appreciates all her family,friends and fans that support her passion. She says without God and a good fan base she would not have made it this far in her music career.!!!     Thank you and God Bless !!!

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